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Guidelines for Articles – ISKRA Publications

The Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ (USCC) publishes a monthly magazine (ISKRA) which is dedicated to inspiring in its readers spiritual enlightenment, moral and ethical growth, cultural and intellectual development toward the manifestation, in their daily lives, of the Doukhobor life-concept, based on the Law of God and Teachings of Jesus Christ. We are glad to receive submissions relating to various aspects of Doukhobor spirituality, history, and culture, as well as those concerning human rights, social justice and the environment. Articles that are submitted will be reviewed (and may be edited for space) by our Communications Advisory Board (CAB) prior to publication.


Article Style

We prefer that submissions be received as an attachment, please ensure that you save in .doc (Microsoft Word 98/or later) and/or .rtf (Rich Text Format).


If you have suitable digital photographs, please also provide these as separate attachments (.jpg/.jpeg or .tiff), together with credits and captions. If your photos are only available as prints, and you cannot arrange to get them scanned, you can mail them to the co-editors at USCC/ISKRA Box 760 Grand Forks, BC, VOH 1H0, for scanning.


Articles vary from 500 to 2000 words in length, but it would be wise to check with us about plans for upcoming issues before investing much time in writing an article. We will try to reply promptly to proposals.


We occasionally reprint previously published materials, but we must first receive permission to reprint from the original author. However, we prefer that your submitted article be an original work that has not been in the public domain or previously created, and that the work be free of any unauthorized extractions from other sources. We prefer that articles use Canadian Press Stylebook usage, but that is not important, since we edit all copy extensively.


Terms of Publication

We do allow reprints of our ISKRA journal articles, however, people reprinting our articles are requested to cite both ISKRA Publications and the original author.


Authors are completely free to make whatever use they want of their own articles, whether or not they cite ISKRA Publication as the source of first publication.


Digital versions of ISKRA appear online to subscribers at once each issue has been published.

Barry Verigin ( and Stephanie Swetlishoff (

ISKRA co-editors