ISKRA | Letters
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ISKRA Policy Regarding Letters


ISKRA welcomes letters from all readers and reserves the right to publish any letters received unless otherwise requested.  ALL letters must be signed by  the writer, and will  be  edited for size, grammar and good taste; abusive and/or libelous items will not be published. ALL correspondence must be typed or NEATLY handwritten, double spaced, with wide margins.


Letters can be mailed to: USCC/ISKRA, PO Box 760 Grand Forks, BC, V0H 1H0. Letters can also be sent via email to our co-editors at and


We will also accept for publication correspondence received by FAX, providing that, in addition to the above guidelines, the FAXED letter is also signed, and the full address and telephone number of the correspondent is included.


All letters are subject to review by our Communications Advisory Board (CAB) prior to publication.


Publication of any item does not mean that ISKRA, or its publisher, the USCC, agree with the views expressed therein. In addition, the publisher and/or editor reserve the right to comment on any correspondence received, if it seems that some aspect of the letter requires clarification and/ or response.