ISKRA | Obituaries
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ISKRA Policy Regarding Obituaries


Obituaries will be  published in  the  language  in  which   they are received. If translations are desired, these should be carried out in advance, by enlisting a capable translator among  friends or family, or  by  approaching  one of the home-based translation services which are available. ISKRA will publish obituaries  submitted in both languages, as long as the total length of the obituary is within reason.  Exceedingly lengthy or overly detailed  submissions may have to be edited prior to publication.


Photos of the deceased are welcome, as long as they are clear, original photos. Please do not submit laser copies or newspaper clippings as these are usually difficult or impossible to reproduce with acceptable results. All photos will be returned intact after publication. (Scanned photos or digital photos can be e-mailed in a jpg or tiff format to:


We are  sincerely  grateful for the memorial donations which accompany submitted obituaries, as it is such voluntary assistance which enables ISKRA to be published and provide a needed service to the Doukhobor community.  Donations collected by the family of the deceased and submitted with the obituary will be included at the bottom of the obituary. Please let the ISKRA editor know if you wish to have the obituary published on the website. Donations received separate of the obituary will be listed in the Friends of ISKRA section.