ISKRA | Payment
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Subscription Rates


Have our ISKRA Publication delivered to your mailbox each month.


Print subscriptions of ISKRA can be obtained by mailing a cheque or Money Order (payable to USCC) to ISKRA/USCC, PO Box 760 Grand Forks, BC V0H 1H0. Alternatively, you can pay electronically by sending an e-transfer to Please indicate “ISKRA subscription” in the memo section.


In Canada – $65 per year / $120 for 2 years.
USA/Overseas – $80 per year / $150 for 2 years.

Single print copies (back Issue) – $6 each, except for certain special issues.

Digital version only – $50 per year.


Note: Print subscribers can also have FREE online access to current and archived issues upon request!
Please contact Grand Forks Administration at or 250-442-8252 for login information.


Contact: co-editors at or