ISKRA | Payment
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Subscription Rates


Have our ISKRA Publication delivered to your mailbox each month.


In Canada – $65 per year / $120 for 2 years.
USA/Overseas – $80 per year / $ 150 for 2 years.

Single print copies (back Issue) – $6 each, except for certain special issues.

Digital version only – $50 per year.


Note: Print subscribers will also have free access to current and archived issues upon request!
Please contact Grand Forks Administration at or 250-442-8252 for login information.


Contact: co-editors at or


Payment for Subscription


Payments to ISKRA can be made in person at the administrative offices in Grand Forks or Brilliant, or they can be mailed to (see below).  If you need more information, please call us at 250-442-8252.


Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ
USCC Administration Office (Postal)
Box 760, Grand Forks, B.C.
Canada, V0H 1H0


 “New”  Online Payment


If you use online banking, your institution will likely offer a secure service to transfer funds from your account to the USCC’s account. Please use as the email recipient for fund transfer. Please indicate “ISKRA subscription” in the memo section.