ISKRA | Verify
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Verify Your Internet Connection and Computer.


Thank you for showing an interest to subscribing to the Digital version of ISKRA.  Before subscribing it is recommended that you verify that you have an adequate internet connection and computer equipment. To do this, please go to the main menu, select CURRENT ISSUE then select  SAMPLE ISSUE (MAG).  You should see a grey page start loading,  the loading time will vary depending on the speed of your internet connection.  If the load time is very long, we recommend not to subscribe until you can arrange for a faster internet connection.


Once you see an ISKRA cover appear, we recommend selecting the Toggle Fullscreen icon, the icon is on the bottom right. The icon looks like a diagonal double-headed arrow.   You will see  2 pages, depending on the resolution of your viewing monitor the pages may look good or else be truncated or too small. If the display is not satisfactory, we recommend not to subscribe until you can arrange for a large, better resolution display monitor.  We found out that some subscribers prefer viewing  one page at a time,  you may try this out by going menu, select CURRENT ISSUE then select  SAMPLE ISSUE (PDF).


If you are satisfied that your computer equipment is able to view ISKRA satisfactorily, please check information found under SUBSCRIBE / SUBSCRIPTION.